Our story


Not long ago, we had a vision to transform the hair game of female athletes everywhere. No hair tie could live up to the high expectations that could withstand the gruelling work outs, training and games for high performing women. The women on the field were strong, but their hair ties were not. Scrunchiko wanted to be the game changer in this field.

The beauty of being a customer centric community is the ability to listen to our loyal sisterhood and give them what they want by using high quality materials that will withstand all the hard hits and the sweaty workouts. 

With Scrunchiko, you get a functional scrunchie, that is designed to last for YEARS. 

We love working with female communities and small businesses to always have new designs to offer our sisterhood, and constantly search for new styles, so the hair of Australia and beyond is ALWAYS on trend. We are here to make you and your sports team unique. For you to be different to all the rest.

SCRUNCHIKO is an accessories brand and home to the original Active and customised team scrunchie. Since its humble beginnings in 2018,  Scrunchiko has grown into a sisterhood of trailblazing females who constantly push the limits, and break the boundaries.

 As an avid runner, our founder Katie couldn't find a reliable hair elastic that could withstand intense workouts, while also offering designs that were fashionable and had a POP of colour. So she decided, why not create her own!

Scrunchiko have mastered a unique and durable design which can be worn without breaking or losing elasticity and secures your hair in high impact activity, with thousands of female athletes, teams, trailblazers and game changers swearing by our product

Scrunchiko has since evolved its brand to celebrate and raise awareness for women in all sports and trailblazers within their field including, charities and entrepreneurs, while also integrating the social responsibility of the inclusion of different Australians to be more than a scrunchie, but a movement with real change.

"When you wear Scrunchiko, you are entering into a community of inspired women who are making a change for the greater good of the female existence. Women are stepping up and showing up and taking charge of what they deserve. Scrunchiko is making a pledge to be part of the evolution of the 21st century female"- Katie McCarthy