Scrunchiko was founded in 2018 by Katie McCarthy a dentistry profession who was inspired to bridge the gap in the market involving the need for functional and innovative hair accessories for the active wearer.

Katie McCarthy (Founder & CEO of Scrunchiko)


With Scrunchies quickly becoming a hot commodity it became apparent that there was no functional scrunchie that kept hair off your face, could be worn for high impact activity or was made from high quality fabrics.

After much trial and research, Scrunchiko has finally mastered a unique and durable design which can be worn without breaking or losing elasticity and secures your hair whilst showcasing the latest trends in colour and texture.

With Scrunchiko's initial breakout performance featured throughout the Australian Women’s Touch Team, ‘Team Scrunchies’ were born and continue to populate sportswomen’s locks across all different levels of competition.

Scrunchiko has since evolved its brand to celebrate and raise awareness for women in all sports, while also integrating the social responsibility of different Australians to be more than a scrunchie, but a movement with real change.


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