Social Responsibilty - Scrunchiko


Social Responsibilty

SCRUNCHIKO has a strong belief in supporting charity partners and organisations that gives back to those in need, creating a unique sentiment beyond just a brand, but an inclusive community that looks out for one another.

These strong values are continued across our network of manufactures, ensuring we only work with factory partners who are ethically accredited to deliver not only the best but, fashion-conscious products to our customers.



Stella Experiences

Stellar is a leading provider of social, recreational and community participation opportunities for 16-35 year old's with mild to moderate disabilities and mental health conditions. March, 2020 marked the launch of 'STELLAR' Activ scrunchies where Scrunchiko has committed to donating a portion of all profits going back towards funding these inclusive and inspiring life experiences.

Meet Her - Networking Events

Meet Her is a social enterprise, founded by Athena Savvas in September 2018, created to empower women to overcome the unique challenges they face when striving for their career aspirations. To date, they have achieved this through thoughtfully-curated Mentor Networking Events that connect young women with industry-experienced women in purposeful, meaningful mentorship. With purposeful, meaningful Mentorship, young women can be guided and supported through the often difficult terrain that is the start of their career. They also have specially-designed workshops to help upskill and equip women with all the skills and resources they need to achieve their career goals. Whilst operating Meet Her, Athena has cultivated an empowered community and space for our women to feel supported, inspired and encouraged to thrive. 




Rural Fire Service 

In 2019, SCRUNCHIKO held TWO dedicated Bushfire Relief promotions where all profits raised from the entire Activ Scrunchie range went towards delivering much needed resources and supplies to those effected by the catastrophic fire crises in NSW.