SCRUNCHIKO X Art By Nunyamutti - Scrunchiko


Our exclusive collaboration with Talia, an up and coming Indigenous artist is one we have been excited about for some time! We have collaborated on 2 limited edition designs, both of which have great meaning to Talia and her culture. 

This is Talia’s story

My name is Tahlia Wise ,ever since I was a young child, I loved story telling through art. My pop would try teach all of the grandkids about aboriginal paintings, but I was the only one who loved it and continued on with it. I was born with a heart condition, so I didn’t really enjoy sport or any activity outside, so painting would help me feel better about myself. My paintings and stories are expressed from what I’m feeling in my life. After I’ve finished a painting, I always feel so proud of myself! I love the emotions that I have of something that I’ve created, and hearing back positive feedback from family, friends and strangers makes me feel so proud of who I am, and what I’ve achieved. I love all the support from everyone, and it always pushes me to want to create more.